lundi 9 décembre 2013

Salamanders of Badab (Rogue Trader version)

The Salamanders are a cool chapter but they're a bit the Emperor's fashion victims. Well, in 10.000 years of history, they can't be blamed can they? See the bottom of the following page to get what I mean:

Here's my 1500 pts old detachment from the Badab War when it was three pages in a White Dwarf and not two books of 10 pounds (I mean the weight). The idea was to use only old parts and bit sof green stuff here and there but I lost some backpacks over the years (25?) so I had to forget my silly project and stick a few more recent ones. : ( Also I did have to rebase the dreadnought.

Good old lieutenant (there's no more lieutenant now. Well...):

 Some of the combat squads:

Two sergeants:

The dreadnought. Dreadnoughts are supposed to be used only once in a while...yet you can see them in every game. Considering how often I play and since I played this army only once, I can say I play mine correctly as he actually sleeps most of the time.

The land speeder:

Some pictures of the only battle those guys saw as a whole. It was that scenario from the Horus Heresy book where Angron lands on the loyalist marines from the legions that would then become traitors. The Salamanders were the loyalists and the traitors were squats (cultists with Nurgle mark) led by a demon prince in the form of a zombie dragon. So in brief, it was 6 th edition for the rules and 1 st for the minis. It played super fast and was fun. The Salamanders lost tho they killed the monster. They'll be back tho. In 2021 with 2000 pts. :D
PS: The dwarves with heavy bolters in the building are supposed to be turrets from the "bastion" GW sells but it didn't fit with the nostalgia feeling I looked for so we went for that building.