dimanche 9 novembre 2014

Quar fight! Sort of battle report

We played a game of Songs of Our Ancestors last friday. It's based on the Songs of Blades and Heroes system and it's about quar. If you don't know neither the game nor the minis, I suggest you have a look at Ganesha Games and Zombiesmith websites. SoBaH is a really cool and easy system and quar are pretty cool minis.

The scenario was an official one. Sorry for not remembering the title. The royalists (me) had to take two houses (two distilleries in the scenario). My buddy tweaked a bit the army lists.

My friend bringing everything, I just had to come with my camera so I took some pics.

The protagonists

The royalists:

 The partisans and a couple of crusaders:

The houses:

The beginning didn't go well for the royalists. The yawdryl had real issues leading the troopers on the west side of the forest while the veterans took their sweet time.

Soon, the coftyrans were ambushed by some vicious villagers and casualties happened.

Like 50% casualties... In most games, if you have half of your army wiped out, it's time to quit but the beauty of a Songs of game is in its random activation system. It really allows new and/or sudden developments. Also, I'm not the kind to surrender (and my morale rolls were good) or let the crusaders win easily. More the berserk type of player.

The yawdryl led the veterans to the east house.

After a few new kills on each side, the yawdryl shot the partisan leader in the head. Big splash all over the house! The partisans didn't take it too well and most of them surrendered. I really thought the game would be difficult but in this scenario, the partisans are even more cowardly than usual with a special rule. Otherwise, it would have been another story.

The partisans were lined up and executed for treason against the royalty, the common sense and for irritating my yawdryl.

Now was the time for a well deserved sleep and victory !

I can't wait to have another game of Songs of Our Ancestors.