vendredi 22 mars 2013


Just some pictures of a game of Warmachine/ Hordes. We didn't play any scenario so I just had to wait with my Cygnar and shoot those nosferatu skorne guys. My opponent was super cool and knew very well the rules. He actually helped me win (which is something common with the buddies because we don't play "competitive" or for winning at all costs but for the fun of it and the "beauty" of wargames. I guess it's the same for many of you too). The dice helped me too.

They are actually those old towers from that MB game under GW license. At least they got some use now and are easy to transport. 

First game of Heavy gear

We played our first game of Heavy gear. Rather cool. Actually super cool when you just have to come at the club, sit and roll dice thanks to a buddy of yours who has bought the minis, painted them well and read the rules.
I played the southern. Not sure who won. We were just testing the rules. They are cool except you need to be very lucky and your opponent very unlucky to destroy one mecha with one shot. That's okay and I guess that fits the genre. It happened once or twice tho. I think I got a more brutal souvenir from that Heavy gear II video game back in the day. But perhaps I was playing silly since video games aren't really my thing.

The teams (not really "official" since I believe they're supposed to be in squadrons of five):

Those ones weren't playing but well, I needed an excuse for not listening to the rules. :D

The game:

I don't like those plants. Looks like we're in an aquarium...on some desertic planet.

Moving in for the kill...or not...

I dislike those buildings too. Well there wasn't much to complain about so I needed to find something. :D

Best terrain ever!

jeudi 14 mars 2013


I wanted to try to play crazy martial arts tournaments like in video games or animes. Yeah the buddies at the club thought like you: "there won't be any strategy" (like we care considering the other games we play) and "there will be only two minis at the same time" (wrong, see later).

So using the SoBH rules I made Songs of Martial Artist Super Heroes (yeah because I wanted it to sound like SMASH).

Well, first so there's a bit of fun, you need randomness. Contestants will fight on a special area of 100 squares. Why 100? Because you'll roll a D100 each turn and one square will disappear. If you don't want to build such a terrain, just take a checkers board and that's it. If you want a 43 squares area and got a D43, just do it!

Second, you need some rules. It is a tournament not a duel. So no blades. Tetsubos, magic and claws allowed. :D

Then you need powerful fighters with magic abilities like in those video games.

Add some referee rules (and Buddha interventions when the referee has disappeared because he has fallen or has been killed by a contestant) , ninja abilities allowing them to attempt to kill other contestants between the matches and things get more funny. Constestants had also to make Quality rolls when moving next to holes, jumping over them, etc.

If that's not enough, play with four fighters or even more like in those wrestling shows.

The terrain:

Some of the contestants (there were 32):

Some of the fights:

We need a scarier kappa...

That guy was intangible (that's why some fighters had magical weapons), could fly and mind control others. Still he lost... I didn't... but that's just because I was playing the referee and rolling for the squares!

Bigger fight

This time we played Warhammer Ancient Battles (WAB). Something like 2400 points of  fat minis had to wipe out 1200 points of thinner minis. :D Actually the contrary of the players. :D

The 25 super killer ninjas manage to ashigaru?

 ...and get stuck with them for like 3 or 4 rounds...

Do I need to say I lost?  Okay, perhaps size matters after all. I need bigger minis.

The witch sisters

That night, we played a small campaign with a buddy.
First game: A ninja clan was sent to kill a naughty witch.

That samurai girl looks like she was sure a ninja was disguised in lantern...

Second game: The ninjas had to retrieve an artefact (like in that MDRG game) and it was done in five minutes since I found it in the first house.

Third game: The sister of the witch came to avenge her and retrieve the artefact. She was disguised among her samurai escort. However, the first samurai I killed was her so we didn't even have the time to take pics.
For once I won. I got so used to lose in "samurai games", it's hard to believe...

The monastery

In this game, I had like 25 ninjas led by 3 onis and I had to kill half of the monks to win. The monks were defended by 3 sohei and 3 tengus. I managed to kill no one and every of my minis died for their sins.

Only one ninja could enter the monastery area...