jeudi 14 mars 2013


I wanted to try to play crazy martial arts tournaments like in video games or animes. Yeah the buddies at the club thought like you: "there won't be any strategy" (like we care considering the other games we play) and "there will be only two minis at the same time" (wrong, see later).

So using the SoBH rules I made Songs of Martial Artist Super Heroes (yeah because I wanted it to sound like SMASH).

Well, first so there's a bit of fun, you need randomness. Contestants will fight on a special area of 100 squares. Why 100? Because you'll roll a D100 each turn and one square will disappear. If you don't want to build such a terrain, just take a checkers board and that's it. If you want a 43 squares area and got a D43, just do it!

Second, you need some rules. It is a tournament not a duel. So no blades. Tetsubos, magic and claws allowed. :D

Then you need powerful fighters with magic abilities like in those video games.

Add some referee rules (and Buddha interventions when the referee has disappeared because he has fallen or has been killed by a contestant) , ninja abilities allowing them to attempt to kill other contestants between the matches and things get more funny. Constestants had also to make Quality rolls when moving next to holes, jumping over them, etc.

If that's not enough, play with four fighters or even more like in those wrestling shows.

The terrain:

Some of the contestants (there were 32):

Some of the fights:

We need a scarier kappa...

That guy was intangible (that's why some fighters had magical weapons), could fly and mind control others. Still he lost... I didn't... but that's just because I was playing the referee and rolling for the squares!

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  1. This is a great idea for a convention game, thanks for the writeup!