vendredi 22 mars 2013

First game of Heavy gear

We played our first game of Heavy gear. Rather cool. Actually super cool when you just have to come at the club, sit and roll dice thanks to a buddy of yours who has bought the minis, painted them well and read the rules.
I played the southern. Not sure who won. We were just testing the rules. They are cool except you need to be very lucky and your opponent very unlucky to destroy one mecha with one shot. That's okay and I guess that fits the genre. It happened once or twice tho. I think I got a more brutal souvenir from that Heavy gear II video game back in the day. But perhaps I was playing silly since video games aren't really my thing.

The teams (not really "official" since I believe they're supposed to be in squadrons of five):

Those ones weren't playing but well, I needed an excuse for not listening to the rules. :D

The game:

I don't like those plants. Looks like we're in an aquarium...on some desertic planet.

Moving in for the kill...or not...

I dislike those buildings too. Well there wasn't much to complain about so I needed to find something. :D

Best terrain ever!

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