dimanche 28 septembre 2014


Some Haqqislam minis for Infinity games. Hopefully one day I'll win with them...

Qapu khalki djanbazans & regulars

 I bought the frst one from Pandera. That's why he's much better than the others. Then I tried to match his colors.

Qapu khalki funky mercenaries. Believe it ot not, I didn't try to match Pandera's colors. ;)


 The whole band:

The hassassins! Supposedly super ninja killers of Haqqislam. Yeah, well...
The muyibs, the ragiks and the barid. For 300 pts.

Another 300 pts group with the fidays, the lasiqs, the farzan and the non hassassins.

Next haqqislam faction: the Maghariba regiment so here's the big baby. Others will be exclusively ghulams and perhaps an engineer. I'm motivated to paint them for like 2037.

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  1. These say a lot about your impeccable taste. Great paint jobs, colour schemes and models. Now, off you go and sculpt some 15mm versions please.... ;-)